Ministry Leaders Support Groups

Ministry Leader Support groups provide a safe place for ministry leaders both men and women to do life and ministry together. Consisting of leaders from a variety of Christian denominations who all love Jesus, love the Word of God and believe the gospel, these leaders recognize that what they share in common far exceeds what theological or traditions separate them. As they meet they not only keep one another refreshed and encouraged in their work, but they help fulfill the prayer of Jesus in John 17:23 that we might “be one” and thus the world would be impacted. Pastor Luis Vizcarrondo Jr author of (Overcoming your Past) & Lead Pastor of Refine Church will be regularly engaged in facilitating these small groups for pastors and ministry leaders along the side of his wife Sarah who regularly helps ministry leaders wives.

The groups meet twice each month in person while others at a distance can meet via conference to do these five things:

  1. Check in – an opportunity to share our blessings and struggles in a safe place. Everything that is said in the confines of the room, stays in that room.
  2. Share what is fresh from God – beyond being simply a place to unload our burdens, we seek to share our journey of growth in Christ, what He is teaching us, and in the process encourage one another.
  3. Prayer – we pray for one another personally and for the community to which we’ve been called.
  4. Resources - Resources for ministry leaders and their families including those ministry leaders who are single as well and new to the work of ministry
  5. Fellowship - To fellowship through events for leaders, their families, and friends by the means of concerts, family outings, retreats, and services

So far, we are the only kind of group that exists solely for this purpose to have been formed in Northeast Ohio, with the intent to keep the movement growing.

We would like for these ministry leaders support groups to be accessed across the nation and world. Created by pastors to help pastors because we understand its not easy to share things as we would like to our congregation. This has been created as a safe place to help one another and refine each other into stronger men and women of God.