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Explore this unique program to start or finish your University degree through our NU Partner Program

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Refine U at Refine Church

Refine U is a unique partnership between Refine Church and Northwest University providing the very best of both academics and hands on experience.

Our mission is to develop and mentor past, present, and future generations to impact the world by refining our whole-self through academic excellence and effective ministry through our God given purpose.

About Northwest University & Our Partnership


Refine Church is in partnership with Northwest University located in Kirkland, WA. This strategic partner allows students to gain experience through our Refine U mentorship program, while taking academic classes are taken online at a pace of 2 classes or 1 class per 7 weeks in fall and spring with a summer break. This gives the flexibility to work and give time to whatever else is needed.



Northwest University classes have the highest level of accreditation, the same accreditation as other major colleges and universities. This means students can earn credits that apply to the completion of NU degree’s as a traditional student, online programs, or transfer to other colleges or universities.

Degrees Offered

Associates of Arts in Liberal Studies

Associates of Arts in Ministry Leadership

Bachelors of Arts in Ministry Leadership

Bachelors of Arts in Business Management

Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Management

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology

What is an Internship ?

The Refine U Internship is a mentorship and leadership program that is a ministry of Refine Church. The Internship is designed around practical opportunities to equip individuals for life by refining and equipping our whole-self (body, mind, and soul). The uniqueness of this program provides students an opportunity to gain experience while attending school online.

One amazing benefit Refine U Students receive from Northwest University is 3 FREE credits per semester toward their degree for every semester they intern.

Requirements & Expectations


*Applicants must be at least 18 years old or in their senior year of High School

**Applicants less than 18 years of age may apply to our internship and Refine Bible College program before entering the NPP Program

***Applicants who do not belong to a church may attend our internship program but must follow and adhere to all church and program rules

****Applicants for Refine U wishing to apply for just the Northwest Partnership Program may do so, but will not receive the 3 free credits per semester for non-attendance to our internship program.


  1. Northwest University online partnership application (If attending the University)
  2. Interview with Refine Church Pastors
  3. Acceptance by Northwest University (If applicable)


**Due to Covid-19 we are conducting hybrid internships/mentorships

Internship schedules are created by pastor or by local church needs

* Does not include additional church events and departmental events

** Interns can expect on average to spend 10-12 hours each week apart of the Refine U Internship dependent on their track

How much does it cost to do the Refine U program ?

Financial Benefits for NPP Students

  • Tuition – significantly reduced
  • Ministry Practicum (6 credits) – tuition waived
  • NU Application Fee – waived
  • Confirmation Deposit – waived
  • Health Services Fee – waived
  • Student Services Fee – waived

**We help students find the books at a lower cost through different stores. Students should budget accordingly per semester an average of $400.

***Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

****Scholarships available depending on amount of students enrolled


Program Costs (2020-2021)

For fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters combined

  • Full-Time Tuition ($316 per credit hour)............ $7,584
  • Registration Fee ($0/semester)............... $0
  • NPP Program Fee ($1,300/semester)$2,600
  • Ministry Practicum Tuition (6 credits) .... Free
  • Total Cost......................... $10,184


If you have any questions regarding the cost of the Refine U please contact us.

** We do our best as well to work with students to find and apply for outside scholarships. Additionally, depending on the amount of students we are able to award some scholarships as well.

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Refine U experience, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!

3510 Broadview Road Cleveland,Ohio 44109

Phone: 440-628-1787

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